Royal Rumble Tournament Day One

Day One
Our All Star team played in their first match of the Royal Rumble Tournament today at the Carrara Stadium in the sunny Gold Coast of Australia. It was always going to be a tough match against Queenslands #2 ranked team, Paradise City Roller Derby and our All Stars fought to the final whistle in true Dead End style.
Dead End Derby's walls were strong and tight and provided a challenge for the PCRD team to get through even when DED only had two blockers on the track at times.
Jammer Evil'K'Neevil unluckily suffered a snapped plate and then a high block to the head but kept on skating the entire game. Unluckily Rocket Dogg fouled out and missed the end of the game. The commentators loved saying Lolita Loca's name whenever she was on the track and also loved the blue hair styles of Iona Shotgun and Skulls and Morphine. There were some excellent star passes and the MVPs of the game deservedly went to Crash Cookie and Evil'K'Neevil.

There was a huge following back in Christchurch via the livestream on
Check out some screenshots taken live during the game on our facebook page here.

Final Score
Paradise City Roller Derby 349 - Dead End Derby 93