The Living Dead Rollers

The Living Dead Rollers (LDR) were established in 2012, and is DED's second travel team. They are currently the highest ranked B team in New Zealand, sitting at #10 in the country.

The Living Dead Rollers are:

  • Teeny Tiny

  • Gorey Taylor

  • Ziggy Scardust

  • Dazy Daggerz (Co-Captain)

  • Absolut Kaos

  • Chopper Hedoff (Co-Captain)

  • Grimstone

  • Bionic Ninja

  • Chop Chop

  • Amygeddon

  • Bella Spitfire

  • Wuss in Boots

  • Crazy Cat Lady

  • Googoo

Reserves/LDR Development Squad

  • Kimmikaze

  • Whiskey Tango Foxy

  • Flustered Tart

  • Dark Nebula

Bench - Notorious F.A.T, Stone Cold Dan Austin, Fatal Artraction

Dead End Derby's Living Dead Rollers team 2014